Want Gorgeous Lashes Sans Mascara? Check out Lashfully in California!

What’s one of the hottest beauty trends in 2012?  Lashes.  Beautiful, long and thick – every girl’s dream regarding her eyelashes.  And let’s face it, mascara is so, well, “last year.”  Fortunately trendsetters in San Fran, L.A. or Walnut Creek, CA can visit Lashfully, an upscale beauty lounge offering a full rundown of lash extensions and services giving each of their clients a perfectly customized, new look…from all-natural to dramatic. 

"The great thing about lash extensions is that they are very versatile, we can stylize at each touch-up fill – change it up for a different look,” explained Liv Contreras, lash esthetician and co-owner of Lashfully.

Who knew eyelashes could be this customizable?  Offering over 70 different types of lashes, varying in length, thickness and curvature their eyelash artists are able to create a look perfect for each and every client that walks through their posh lounge doors. 

The lashes last 2-4 weeks and no worries…your old lashes aren’t harmed in the process.  Visit Lashfully.com for more info or to set up an appointment.