Flawless Face? Yes, please!!!

FLAWLESS COVER PAGEI never use powder in winter…am I alone here?  I already think and feel like my face is dry and flaky and it seems like a powder will only make matters worse.  My curiosity was piqued however when I read about FlawlessCOVER from beautyADDICTS™.  The Chamomile infused pressed powder “claims” to gently soothe skin, diffuse fine lines and wrinkles, and repair and protect the skin. 

The rebel in me kind of enjoys beating down a claim.  I’m kind of a mmmm-hmmm-we’ll-see kind of girl.  Well, mmmm-hmmm-I-saw, (think of me as your friend here), this is kind of too good to pass up.  While I’m not super-ridden with wrinkles, I do hate my pores.  And while FlawlessCOVER makes no claim about disguising them, in one effortless swipe, it was like I was a porcelain doll goddess.  Ok, maybe not quite, but pretty close!

My method of application?  Over my regular moisturizer and liquid foundation applied with the applicator they provide.  BUT, here’s the good news, you can also use it alone or applied with a sponge as a powder foundation. 

FlawlessCOVER retails for $29.50 and is available in Light, Medium or Deep.  For more info on FlawlessCOVER or the other amazing beautyADDICTS products visit beautyADDICTS.com.