High-End vs. a Bargain Face Color–Is there a Difference?

I love a good deal!  And after running out of my bareMinerals All-Over Face Color ($19, Sephora), I thought I would give a bargain brand a chance to woo me.

What I love about the bareMinerals line is the amazing color it adds to your skin without looking over-done…your skin glows like you’ve just come from the beach…not the Jersey Shore beach mind-you, more like Miami, healthy and sunkissed. 

My bargain find was NYC Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder ($5, your local drugstore) in Pearl Glow (a Limited Edition color).

The results from NYC New York were maybe not quite as fabulous as the bareMinerals line, but still left me luminous…a huge must-have at the end of winter!  My only teeny-tiny complaint was that the natural glow wasn’t quite as intense, but regardless, I was glowing on all the right spots (cheeks, forehead and chin) and it warmed my tone without looking like a toddler who was playing in her mother’s bronzer. 

The verdict…I’ll actually probably keep both of these in my make-up kit.  NYC for day, bareMinerals for evening or special events. 

Cheers to glowing all winter long!

Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder

bareMinerals All Over Face Powder