Time Management Issues? New York Streets Dry Shampoo to the Rescue!

New York Streets Dry ShampooHow does Monday do it?  Alarm.  Snooze.  Oops.  Overslept.  Again.  If there is one thing I can bank on about Monday, it’s that I’ll somehow be late.  Knowing this, you would think I would do something to combat the problem.  And yet here it is, Monday, and guess how my day started: alarm.  Snooze.  Oops.  Overslept.  Again.

So maybe it’s time to make a few adjustments.  And knowing New York Streets has come out with their own Dry Shampoo, I may have found the first adjustment to make.  Absorbing excess oil and unwanted odors, if this time-saver is anything like the rest of this fab line, I already believe in its power to achieve fabulousness.  And it’s colorless so even better (I hate the ones that get on your clothing, pillows, etc.). 

A little trick I just learned over the weekend regarding dry shampoos….apply them the night before.  They absorb oils as the are being produced and you can get up, style, and go. 

Part of the Village Collection, New York Streets Dry Shampoo retails for $17 and is available at salons near you or Newyork-Streets.com .