Paint your Lips Perfect with COLORESSENTIAL from Susan Posnick Cosmetics

COLORESSENTIALI’ve been so incredibly turned off by lipsticks lately.  Finding the right shade seems daunting and inevitably never works out.  And yes, I know most stores have a return policy and it’s my fault for never taking advantage of it, but, I don’t.  I just want something that’s the right shade and doesn’t give me the flaky lip most lipsticks are prone to do.  Is that too much to ask?

Needless to say, I was intrigued when I read about COLORESSENTIAL from Susan Posnick Cosmetics.  The collection, which includes shades of berry, pink, red, nude and coral, yields claims these hues are universally flattering.  Sure.  Mmmmhmmm….

Not stopping there, supposedly, it’s also long lasting, even though it’s formulated with olive oil and enriched Paracress, a sustainable South African plant with antioxidant properties that continually rehydrate lips and reduces the appearance of lines.  Sure.  Mmmmhmmm….

Alright, so what is the line really like?  Impressively, each of the two colors I tried went on super smooth – like a balm, sans the stickiness.  For lipstick, the longevity of the line was a bonus.  Not as lengthy as a stain, it also didn’t run and fade like a lot of lines I’ve worn.  And, drumroll please…both actually looked good. 

Previous experience has taught me nudes only work with either a faux-glow or super tanned skin.  At the moment, I have neither.  Regardless, somehow Dubai, a glamorous perfect-for-summer nude, was perfection.  The Milan shade however is what I was really excited about.  Finding the perfect red lipstick has only led me to a collection of practically unused tubes because, sadly, they’re always just a bit off.  Milan however…well…Milan is my new go-to.  I was so excited, I made friends try it out, literally running the gamut: from my “pasty winter skin” to my bestie’s African American tone, it was perfection.  They’re obsessed now too!

The collection of nine shades ($19) are available at

**For review purposes, samples were provided, but no worries, opinions are my own!