Two for the Price of One with New York Streets Dry Shampoo!

New York Streets Dry ShampooI love double-duty products.  Especially when both of the tasks they’re accomplishing are to my benefit.  Enter New York Streets Dry Shampoo.  We all know how a dry shampoo works, right?  Spray it on your roots to absorb the oils and other gross entities that make it look you’re in need of a shower.  Viola!  You’ve just saved yourself quite a bit of time in the morning en route to looking amazing.  To that extent, New York Streets works fabulously.  The clear formula goes on like a breeze and is easy to work through, but, this is a post about double-duty….soooooo….what other tricks can you pull from its cap?

This is going to seem counter-intuitive, at least it does to me, the far-from-a-scientist-beauty-addict.  BUT, have you ever had a hair moment where your locks are too clean?  Your hair refuses to style, it won’t hold, it’s too soft and it won’t do anything you attempt to try with it.  That was my predicament after trying a new gel that I thought would suffice sans any other styling agents or texturizer.  With a bottle similarly shaped to the product I was actually reaching for (and, it was fairly early in the morning…I still had brain-haze), I started to spray the New York Streets Dry Shampoo throughout.  I stopped when I realized what I was doing, but before grabbing the other product, just like magic, I had the perfect amount of texture necessary for styling.  From drab to fab.  Nice work New York Streets, I love an unexpected surprise!

New York Streets Dry Shampoo retails for $17.00 and is available at or fine salons near you!

**Sample provided.  Opinions original!