Stars get “Undone” with Kim Crawford Wines and Miles Aldridge

Stars and other NYC trendy partygoers recently bestowed themselves on Chelsea’s art district for Kim Crawford Wines’ interactive art event with famed fashion photographer Miles Aldridge, simply called “Undone.”  Attending were television presenter and fashion icon Alexa Chung, Mad Men actress Nora Zahetner, reality star Kelly Killoren Bensimon, model sisters Alexandra and Theodora Richards, Paper Magazine’s Mickey Boardman, fashion model Alana Zimmer and Miss Lily’s co-owners Binn and Genc Jakupi.  Upon arriving at Cedar Lake Studios guests discovered the party, disguised as an exhibition showcasing Aldridge’s work, was also the site of Kim Crawford’s summer 2012 ad campaign, shot live by the renowned photographer.  Some stars, like former model Bensimon, were even pulled from the party to be featured in the campaign images.  Stay tuned for the June release to see if she makes the cut!

Below left, Alexa Chung in a Peter Jensen dress and Valentino bag with pal Nora Zahetner wearing a Wren dress with Calvin Klein bag.  Below right, Kelly Killoren Bensimon posing in a dress she designed herself.

Alexa and Nora 

 Kelly Bensimon