Parting is Now Such Sweet Satisfaction Thanks to Wei East

Chestnut and Black Soy MasqueWrinkles?  Large pores?  Fine lines?  It’s ok to admit that you too suffer from one of those maladies, after all, what woman doesn’t?  If you’re looking for a skincare product that produces instant results to help you part with the lines, wrinkles or pores you despise, check out Chestnut & Black Soy Firming Masque from the brilliant minds at WEI EAST.  Using Chinese Chestnut (provides natural lifting and firming benefits) and Black Soy (for firming and rejuvenating) this easy-to-use 10 minute masque is sure to impress.

I was more than willing to allow the masque to try to minimize my pores since…welllll…I hate them.  They seem magnified even when I’m not looking in a magnifying mirror.  So with hopeful anticipation I slathered on the milk-chocolate colored masque and waited patiently playing my new solitaire Aces Up addiction.  And when I splashed away the masque, yes, the results were clear and instant.  Immediately firmer tighter skin left me smiling and smaller pores were present…ahhh….#HappyGirl.  And no, results are not as dramatic as Botox and it’s not a facelift a-la Joan Rivers.  It’s you just naturally improved with all of your dislikes suddenly less extreme. 

Chestnut & Black Soy Firming Masque is available at for $28.

**Sample was provided for review purposes, but no worries, opinions are all my own.