Add this to your Summer Whish List

Summer Whishes SetNo typo there, we’re ca-razy excited over Whish Body’s Summer Whishes Set.  The perfect gift for yourself or a friend, the set includes 3 oz. each of Whish Coconut Milk Exfoliating Body Wash, SPF 15 Self Tanner, and DNA Repair Gel, all of which are made in the USA with earth friendly packaging and organic ingredients. 

About each product…

Exfoliating Body Wash  I love body washes but admit I use them because they smell good, not because they might benefit my skin in anyway.  Enter Whish’s Exfoliating Body Wash.  The wash exfoliates through the use of natural ingredients like Sugar Cane, Lemon, Orange, Apple and Green Tea Extract AHA Complex, a natural alpha hydroxy acid complex that helps skin tone appear brighter and clearer.  It also moisturizes (gasp…a wash that doesn’t dry our skin???) with Panthenol, Organic Shea Butter and Organic Coconut Oil.  And most important…it cleanses with glycerin and Oat Extract.  Annnnnnnd oh yeah, the coconut scent is amazing!!!

SPF 15 Self Tanner  You know those self tanners that turn you orange, streak and generally are full of empty promises?  I’m happy to report, this is not one of them!  Leaving my skin a sun-kissed brown, after just one application, I looked like I came from the beach not Snooki’s Tanning Parlor, and the natural ingredients are super moisturizing.  Of course, once again, the coconut scent is amazing!!!

Correcting Gel  We all know the importance of sunscreens, but inevitably, at least once a summer, I either forget to apply it, or think I’m not getting any sun, when in reality I’m frying myself.  Tisk, tisk, I know.  Correcting Gel’s is clinically proven to decrease the appearance of sun damage with results similar to applying SPF20 prior to sun exposure.  In addition, Correcting Gel is full of soothing and moisturizing ingredients including manuka honey, organic acai berry extract and organic Chinese boxthorn.  And guess what???  The coconut scent is amazing!!!

Summer Whishes Body Set is available at for $32, or you can also purchase each item individually ($22, $34, and $32 respectively).  I am a HUGE fan of the entire Whish Body line, so be sure to check out each of their other fabulous items!

**A sample was provided for review purposes, but no worries, opinions are my own.