Do Good While you Shop!

Two new items are available at Same Sky, the gorgeous Unity Bracelets ($145) and Hope Necklaces ($395) both in a variety of colors.  Why purchase from Same Sky?

In 1994, during the Rwandan Genocide, women were subjected to sexual violence on a massive scale.  More than 250,000 women were raped and, of the survivors approximately 70% were infected with HIV/AIDS (International Criminal Tribunal).  After their husbands, fathers and brothers were murdered, many of these women were left impoverished.  Same Sky has provided employment to these women who are desperately trying to lift themselves from their poverty stricken conditions.  The women artisans have been trained to crochet and make bracelets using Same Sky’s hand-blown glass beads, giving them both a marketable skill and steady employment.

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Unity BraceletHope Necklace