DIY Low-Cal and Organic Drink Options

We all know that alcohol isn’t the “healthiest” of choices.  But, if you’re going to drink, why not choose wisely with one of these recipes from Erica Lancelotti, owner of BarCandy, a luxury event staffing agency based in NYC.  Enjoy!

Crystal-ChampagneCyrstal Champagne

1 oz. Kettle One Vodka
1 on-the-go sugar free white cran-peach crystal light packet

Take 1 oz. Kettle One Vodka and add Crystal Light On-The-Go packet and shake in shaker with ice.  Add mixture strained into champagne glass.  Add Pellegrino to top of champagne glass.  Garnish with zest of lemon and serve a low calorie Bellini like cocktail!  Skimp on the calories not your class!



Organic Sa-Fire Gin-Ginger Organic Sa-FIRE Gin-Ginger

2 oz. Sapphire Gin
1 oz. St.-Germaine Liquor
4 slices of organic cucumber
4 pieces of organic Ginger
4 small pieces of organic jalapeño
Pure-squeezed light Orange Juice
Half of fresh organic lime

Muddle cucumber,Ginger, jalapeño in shaker.  Add the juice of half of fresh organic lime.  Add ice.  Add sapphire gin, St-Germaine Liquor and 2 splashes of low-calorie orange juice.  Serve over ice in a rocks glass. Keep the heat up in the summer with jalapeño and help your body burn through fat and calories!