Don’t Say Goodbye to Summer without Sliding into pluggz™!

pluggz goldIt’s hard to come up with something new when you’re designing a flip-flop.  I meeeean….it’s a flip-flop.  But don’t tell that to pluggz™ the makers of what will no-doubt become your favorite sandal of summer.

While, for the most part pluggz™ looks like you’re average flip-flop (notice a little extra arch support however), that little black circle in the center isn’t just part of the design.  It’s actually a carbon and rubber plug sitting below a weight baring part of your foot making contact with both you and the ground on the other side.  Designed to mimic the transfer of electrons from the earth to our bodies, just like when we’re standing barefoot on the ground, pluggz™ actually ground us allowing us to feel more balanced, more energized,  a sense of well-being, calmer and fewer aches and pains.

Honestly, I was never very good at science.  So when you throw in an electron here and other science terms there, I kind of get the same confused glazed over face I did in Chem 101.  It doesn’t take science however to get how amazing pluggz™ are.  Along with the electrons and being grounded, that little carbon and rubber plug lightly massages the ball of your foot with every step you take.  These flip-flops are downright heavenly!

pluggz™ retail for $39 and are available at  And don’t worry dolls, after you can get attached to these in summer, you’ll be set for fall…pluggz™ is bringing us new ballet flats for autumn! 

**Sample provided for review purposes, but opinions are mine alone.  These are fabulous!