Hot Swimwear for Any Shape from Cote d’Or!

Summa Summa Summa-time…I might not sound quite as good as Will Smith, but, regardless, I do know there is nothing better than summer!  Vacations, beaches, sunshine…which of course leads to one area that always seems to provide a little distress for women during the summer…picking just-right swimwear!  Well dolls, say goodbye to wondering what to wear to the beach and introduce yourself to Cote d’Or, a South American-inspired swimwear collection combining both Aztec and Mayan culture into both their colors and designs.  International model Jessica Stam and one of our favorite reality TV stars, Kourtney Kardashian are each fans of the below one piece and snakeskin bikinis!

For athletic, boyish and curve challenged figures, opt for the below Piedras Y Candenas (shown in black) with removable silver chains that drape perfectly along your backside.  $250

Cote d'Or One Piece

Full figured and voluptuous ladies will love these wrap dress-like silhouettes on suits that defines curves.  The Plumas One Piece (left) is shown in Aztec print while the Serpiente is shown Python print.  Both retail for $300.

Cote d'Or Wrap Styles

If your small busted, opt for one of the Cote d’Or bikinis which draw attention to your arms and shoulders and away from your bust.  Shown below (left to right) are the Hamaca Two Piece ($280), Amazonas Two Piece ($320), Plumas Two Piece ($250) and Pantera Two Piece ($280).

Cote d'Or Bikinis

Lastly, if you have a tiny torso, monokinis and cutout suits lengthen the torso and emphasize a lower waist.  We’re infatuated with the Hamaca One Piece for $300.

Cote d'Or Hamaca