Oh-So-Beautiful Skin can be yours Thanks to Tatcha!

Tatcha Sample PackIf you’re in to beauty at all, you’ve no-doubt heard the term, “skin like a geisha.”  If you thought that was an impossible dream, it’s time to introduce yourself to Tatcha.  This beauty line is based on a 200 year old discovery detailing the ingredients, extraction system and rituals of Eastern skincare.

The key behind the Tatcha line is Hadasei-3™ Bioactive Complex, a combination of concentrated bioactive materials and ingredients from green tea, red algae and rice bran.  More specifically, this includes inositol, EGCG and beterhelin, which, in lay-woman terms, are powerful antioxidants shown to improve appearance and elasticity, moisturize and reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation.

Tatcha’s cleansing ritual includes these four steps:

Pure, One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil: a blend of camellia oil and HADASEI-3™ complex, which, unlike other cleansers, does not contain mineral oil, yet emulsifies completely for fresh and pure skin.  What I find most unique is the “dry-cleansing” this step uses.  No water on your hands or your face…just the cleansing oil to get rid of makeup and other impurities.

Polished, Rice Enzyme Powders: a water activated powder that provides luster by it’s blend of rice and papaya enzymes, plus Tatcha’s signature HADASEI-3™ complex.  Combined, these extracts release debris from the skin, instantly revealing baby soft skin.  Available in three blends for sensitive, normal or active skin.

Radiant, Deep Brightening Serum: for a luminous appearance, this serum includes licorice, scutellaria, and jujube extracts which all work in harmony with HADASEI-3™ complex.  This serum also helps prevent future age spots while clarifying existing ones, which begin to lighten in 4-8 weeks of use. 

Supple, Moisture Rich Silk Cream: An anti-aging cream that provides lasting moisture all while promoting the skin’s natural hyaluronic acid synthesis.  Working as a natural primer, it forms an invisible and weightless network of silk on the skin.

I have a general rule, if I don’t like it, I don’t write about it – I don’t have time to write about blah products.  With that being said, this line has amazed me in the past two weeks!  I immediately noticed the above mentioned luminous skin – I look like I took a much needed vacation, despite my actual lack of R&R.  Completely and totally impressed!!!

Also a must-try, the beauty papers!  Unlike other blotting papers that tend to smudge or remove your makeup (regardless of how lightly you press them to your skin), these miracle workers somehow only remove excess oil.  Makeup is left perfectly in place.  I’ve been loving them during this ca-razy hot summer!

Tatcha has been featured in Vogue, InStyle, Bazaar and Marie Claire and is sold exclusively at Barney’s New York, online at Tatcha.com and at fine boutique retailers across the world.

Shown is the The Tatcha Sampler Set which includes all of the above for $49.

**Sample was provided, but no worries dolls, all opinions are mine alone!