Can’t Keep your Hands off You Skin Courtesy of 3LAB

If you’re looking for the perfect skincare regiment to effectively take care of all your skin woes, look no further than 3LAB’s Ginseng Skin Care Collection.  Created to relieve stressed, dull skin by balancing and restoring luster the line also reverses and prevents signs of ages.  Each of the three products is infused with unique ingredients including:

  • Wild Mountain Ginseng: the “all healing” root, this contain many phytonutrients that can stimulate and activate the skin’s metabolism and blood flow.  This in turn regenerates, brightens and tones.
  • Natural Solution: 3LAB’s proprietary blend of seven efficacious fermented ingredients processed into a microscopic size molecule to guarantee penetration and detoxify the skin.
  • Yin Yang Extract: five herbal ingredients including Solomon’s Seal, Chinese Peony, Lotus, Lily and Foxglove, which work together to heal and is sued for keeping the properties of the body balanced and in harmony.  It improves skin tone, dryness, firmness, dullness and texture.
  • Salifporine8: a unique and rare plant that hydrates the skin by up to 6,000%!
  • Phytofis: a rare plant known for its anti-wrinkle and intense hydrating properties.
  • Licorice P-TH: Licorice plant extract which brightens and has antioxidant properties.  Additionally, it has UV absorbing action.

Ginseng LineHow to Use:

Slather on The Serum ($120) to a clean face which will both moisturize and prevent future dryness.  Follow with The Cream ($140) which locks in moisture giving you a healthy and youthful appearance.  Don’t forget The Eye Cream ($100)!  This lux cream moisturizes the under eye area and reduces the presence of under eye bags and sagging skin.

The Review:

I L-O-V-E love it!!!  Lots of skincare products talk about the balance of your skin, which, to be honest, I never really understood.  I mean, I can understand dry or greasy.  And yes, sometimes my skin is somewhere in the middle.  But “the middle'” is not necessarily balanced.  After using the Ginseng Skin Care Collection I get it now.  It’s not just “not dry” or “not greasy”.  It’s hydrated to perfection.  And literally my skin feels so silky smooth I can hardly keep my hands off me!  Is it expensive?  Yes.  But I would choose to look at it more like an investment for your face.  The quantities are so much larger than you typically receive that trust me, it will last for ages.  Check it out at…your skin will thank you!

**Sample provided for review purposes, but all opinions mine alone!