Hydrate your Skin with Wei Beauty’s Lychee Thirst Relief Masque

Lychee Thirst Relief MasqueI love how amazing my skin feels and looks in the summer months.  And in the winter, I’m constantly searching for someway to mimic the summer skin I adore.

Fortunately, I just found my go-to for re-creating the look I cherish so much now for the cold months ahead.  No surprise, it’s from one of my favorite skincare lines, Wei Beauty.  Their Lychee Thirst Relief Masque is flat-out amazing.  It’s key ingredient, Lychee, is used in traditional Chinese medicine providing the skin with much-needed moisture.  It’s also nutrient-packed containing 40% more Vitamin C than an orange.  And you know dolls, Vitamin C is a natural skin brightener!

But don’t get me wrong, I haven’t had to wait around until winter to make use of Lychee Thirst Relief Masque.  It’s hydrating properties make this more than handy when I’ve had a bit too much sun or wind this summer.  I’ve been able to slather on the masque to keep my skin properly moisturized.

Easy to apply, lightly scented and instantly lending a cooling sensation as the moisture penetrates, you’re left with dewy, supple and hydrated skin….just like you like it!

Lychee Thirst Relief Masque retails for $75 (2.5 oz.) and is available nationwide at SpaceNK stores and online at WeiBeauty.com or SpaceNK.com.