The #1 Beauty Move to Make this Fall!

I hate to say this dolls, but summer, sadly, is coming to a close.  With all of the spare time you’ll soon find yourself with (after all, you won’t be strolling in the sand any longer), Dr. Gary L. Marder, founder of Marder Dermatology and Skin Cancer Center in Port St. Lucie, Florida, reminds us this is the perfect time for a full-body skin check.

Did you know skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the U.S. with more than 3.5 million people diagnosed each year.  Egads, that’s nearly the entire city of L.A.!  Additionally, 20% (or 1 in 5) Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation. 

So what can you expect during a skin check?  Your dermatologist will look for suspicious moles, bumps and spots analyzing any worrisome changes in your skin to detect skin cancer as early as possible. 

No one is unsusceptible to skin cancer so help yourself out and routinely using Dr. Marder’s ABCDE’s of Melanoma:


If your mole bleeds, changes shape, size or color get yourself to your dermie ASAP because as Dr. Marder states, as long as it’s caught early, “Skin cancer is curable!”