Get to Know Sheree Fletcher of VH1’s Hollywood Exes

Sheree-FletcherWe’ve gotten to know and love her on the first season of VH1’s Hollywood Exes as the woman we secretly (or not so secretly) want to have as one of our besties – the friend that talks straight with us and is the first to reach out with a supportive hug when the tears start rolling.  The entrepreneur whose passion for her product serves as motivation for anyone who has dreams of her own.  The preacher’s wife who isn’t afraid to remind us of all we have to be thankful for, even when we’re crashing.  Yes, there are so many reasons to love the beautiful Sheree Fletcher, wife of retired NFL player-turned-pastor Terrell Fletcher, including her graciousness in answering our below questions regarding fashion and beauty as well as allowing us to get to know her on a more personal level.

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What fall wardrobe items are you most excited about? Great A-line belted, high-collar coats, over-the-knee boots, and anything python printed!

An outfit isn’t complete until… you feel good in it!

How has your style evolved throughout the years? My style really hasn’t changed much over the years. I’m a big fan of clean lines, jeans, and great shoes. My approach is pretty classic, sprinkled with the trends of the season. “Less is more” is my ultimate fashion philosophy.

What are Sheree Fletcher’s absolute beauty essentials? Whoop Ash for body moisturizing, Chanel Glossimer #11 lip gloss and Nars Sheer Glow Foundation.

Do you alter your beauty routine at all based on the season? Slightly. I’ll play with color on the lips – darker for fall, and brighter shades for spring and summer. Other than that, I stick to the same overall look.

Which do you prefer: a 5-Minute Face or All-Out Glam? 5-Minute Face!

With such a creative play-on-words, where did the idea of Whoop Ash originate? It was an evolution of my wanting to “cook” something edible with honey (I had read The Secret Life of Bees, which sparked my honey interest). My research and recipe quest led to spa recipes (body products) versus something I could put on the dinner table. And there was a need to have a great moisturizer that the whole family could use.

It is so refreshing to see someone in the Hollywood circuit be so open about their faith. Have others encouraged you to be more silent in regards to that part of your life?  No. Surprisingly no! I think people are in a place where they need hope, making them more receptive and tolerant of the convictions and spirituality of others.

Have you learned anything about yourself after filming and watching the first season of Hollywood Exes? Yes, that my right side is for sure my better one. She’s just prettier than her left counterpart (smiles).

If you could offer one piece of advice to your mid-twenty-something-self, what would it be? That nothing just happens. And that one day all the pieces will fall into place and you’ll understand why certain things had to happen. Trust God and trust His process.