My New Obsession: Liquid Mineral Foundation

Advanced Mineral Makeup

Foundation.  Like many women, I have a love-hate relationship with the makeup.  I’ve found (and written about) some really phenomenal ones.  And each time I try a good one, I’m convinced there aren’t any better.  Until I became acquainted with Liquid Mineral Foundation from Advanced Mineral Makeup.

I admit, when I began applying it for the first time, I was leery.  Something about it was noticeably different.  It didn’t go on like what I was used to, you know, sitting atop my skin noticeably unblended.  Instead, it went on more like a moisturizer – soaking into my skin effortlessly yet somehow providing ample coverage, it surprised me by lasting all the live-long-day.  Even when I had a slight emotional meltdown after falling off a ladder when trying to hang a blind. 

While I rarely pay attention to the ingredients of the products that I put on my skin (shame, shame, I know), when something is obviously so much better than anything else I’ve tried, I have to ask the question - what makes it different?   Liquid Mineral Foundation is all-natural, 100% vegan, free of parabens, fillers and perfumes.  It also contains Titanium Dioxide, a natural sunscreen, Vitamins A and E (with Rosemary), and is anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory, making it perfect for anyone with sensitive skin or acne, rosacea, broken capillaries and hyper-pigmented skin.

I might not be a chemist, but I do know a good thing when I see (or use) it, and this?  Definitely a good thing!  Advanced Mineral Makeup products have even been used on the sets of NCIS and Grey’s Anatomy due to their lightweight, camera-friendly components.  Liquid Mineral Foundation is offered in 7 shades and retails for $44.

**Sample provided for review purposes, but opinions all mine!