Moisturizing Balms on My It-List!

I’m in lip gloss heaven right now…well, glosses, balms, sticks, etc.  Over the past week or so, I’ve been testing some of the top balms and glosses you’ve likely never heard of.  While originally, I was going to rank each one of them, and compile my top faves, I quickly realized, it’s hard to lump them into one category when each has been made to produce a different result.  Some are strictly for moisturizing.  Others for plumping, still others to take the place of lipstick and add some color.  Soooo…I took to the task of dividing them into categories based on what their main function is.  First up, moisturizers in specialty locales (meaning, you’re not finding these at your local drugstore)!  But tune in all week to see what is sitting atop our other categories.

Each of the moisturizers were gauged on a 1-5 scale in the following:

  • Sticky Factor (ick, we hate a sticky lip)
  • If it lives up to it’s claim
  • Color (if applicable)
  • Ingredients
  • General Feel
  • Bonuses (SPF, Innovation, etc.)

Each of the below actually tied for top honors in the moisturizing category with scores of 24.  Here they are, in no particular order.

Cecilia WongCecilia Wong Black Currant Lip Healer – Made with natural ingredients that are grown on a farm in Colorado (a Certified Naturally Grown Farm at that), the packaging is recycled and each of the Cecilia Wong products is crafted from scratch.  With just a hint of black-licorice smell (trust me when I say “hint,” I don’t like black licorice yet I like this), this is lightweight, in a thick non-sticky formula.  This was definitely my surprise favorite!



Jack BlackJack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25 with Vanilla and Lavender – The scent is amazing and I LOVE the fact that is has a nice amount of sun protection.  Enriched with skin conditioners and antioxidants it feels like you’re lacing your lips with silk.  For some reason when applying, I took that silky feeling to mean it would be sticky, but not-so-much.  Or even a little.  This really does instantly penetrate for quick relief for dry lips.


LUSHLUSH Honey Trap – We love LUSH for their handmade products and Honey Trap is no different.  Honey Trap is somehow the perfect consistency and as apply it you realize, it’s the perfect scent as well (probably the vanilla and melted chocolate used to make it).  And, it seemingly lasts forever.  I didn’t even have to reapply after lunch. 


kisstixxKisstixx® - A+ for fun and innovation, but fun and innovating isn’t something that necessarily works on your lips!  Fortunately Kisstixx, with their complimentary flavors – one is meant for you, the other for your beau, got the formula right as well.  Once again, this isn’t sticky, feels great on, and has an SPF15.  And, if you’re not currently kissing anyone, just layer one on your top lip the other on your bottom, and viola! Complimentary flavorful fun!




PrimaveraPrimavera® Moisturizing Lip Balm – if organic is important to you, you’ll adore this balm, which is Certified Natural with 95% Organic Plant Ingredients.  Another thick balm, it soothes and conditions with Organic Neroli Essential Oil and is not only used for immediate relief, but also provides future benefits while it strengthens the skin.  Organic Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil also protect against moisture loss.  Added benefit – a heavenly scent!