Welcome to Fashion Week! My Top 5 from Tadashi Shoji!

Tadashi Shoji Top 5

Always right on cue, September’s New York Fashion Week consistently provides the smallest detachment from reality, one that I am desperately craving right now.  It is after all, an opportunity to see new favorites and instant classics with a fresh eye as we eagerly anticipate rushing through the blustery coldness of winter, trading it for the warmth and sunshine of spring. 

When looking at the opening day’s schedule, I was most excited for the Tadashi Shoji show as I’m a dress girl, and he is (primarily), a dress designer.  It’s an obvious match made in heaven!

While I wasn’t a huge fan of the very few relatively formless pieces that were shown, I thought he nailed everything else.  I loved the lace and sheer fabrics which combined to form an array of parallel patterns.  Adopting the spring color trends, we saw lots of poppy reds, Monaco blues and accents of soft greens and yellows were evident.

All of them were gorgeous but here are my Top 5 (shown above and in no particular order):

A strapless red sundress, which seemed very Moroccan in tone, to which Shoji used varying pieces of patterned fabric (mostly in blues and golds) creating an effortless horizontal effect that screamed, “hello sunshine and sunglasses.”

A sleeveless maxi with a green base and avocado-green and slate accents literally epitomizing spring.  When we’re so tired of winter blahs, this will be a breath of fresh air.

A cobalt base “patchwork” maxi, again with varying pieces of material horizontally aligned, creating flawless champagne-in-the-country attire.

A black gown with instances of oh-so-sexy sheerness in the back spilling onto the sides for a beautifully edgy vibe.  The fabric was manipulated flawlessly and with the front slit in just the right place this has now become my Oscar’s go-to (you know, if I were actually going to the Oscar’s.).

A cobalt gown with a brocade bodice and tulle floor length skirt.  So regal and elegant…I could see Kate Middleton stunning in this at any number of events. 

See the runway show in it’s entirety below.  Anyone else love the low pretty pony’s and soft makeup?