Finally! Reduce Cellulite without Surgery!

Delfin SpaA woman’s worst enemy?  A zit?  Annoying yes, but they fade and can be concealed.  Bad hair?  That’s why God gave us hats.  No, a woman’s worst enemy can’t be cured or concealed quite so easily.  A woman’s worst enemy is undoubtedly cellulite.  If you are one of the lucky few who can’t relate to this conundrum, stop reading.  Everyone else, there is help, and no it has nothing to do with surgery.

While we adore dimples on the cheeks of babies or men, dimples on your butt cheeks…well they’re downright hide-your-head-under-the-pillow awful.  So what’s a girl to do, especially when we eat decent, exercise regularly and still can’t seem to get the smooth appearance we desire?  Thankfully, Delfin Spa has devised a method, with their Bio-Ceramic Shorts and  Anti-Cellulite Cream, to not just help control but eliminate the cellulite you despise so much.

Bio-Ceramic Shorts: I’ve said many times that I am no scientist.  I’m still not, and while I admit, I don’t fully understand the science behind Bio-Ceramic, I get the basics.  Essentially these shorts reflect our own body heat (Far Infrared Rays), helping to break down cellulite cells, improve circulation and revitalize tissue.  Featuring 1.5mm neoprene with soft nylon/lcyra these snug fitting shorts are a must while exercising but can be worn around the home, under clothing, or even to sleep in.

So what do you notice while wearing them?  Heat!  And lots of it.  I wore these during Insanity workouts and I don’t want to get to the disgusting specifics, but trust me, you will sweat in a way you didn’t know was possible.

Anti-Cellulite Cream: a natural blend of Algae, Green-Tea and Caffeine that firms and tightens all to diminish the appearance of lumps, ripples and bulges.  When used in combination with the Bio-Ceramic Shorts, the heat generated helps the cream penetrate into the subcutaneous layers of the skin, helping further amplify the benefit – cellulite reduction!

I was actually pleasantly surprised by my results.  I always try these types of things with speculation, and like I said, I was doing Insanity, but in approximately 4 weeks worth of wear, from 1-3 hours daily, I had lost nearly an inch from my backside and (drumroll please), my cellulite-y rear was positively smoother.  Sorry, I’m too vain to have take a before and after photo, so all you have is my word, but I promise, I’m good for it!

One last thing…I always like to read others’ reviews of products and the one negative that I saw most frequently was the “rubbery” smell. I did notice it, but I didn’t think it was that bad. And after I’d worn them several times, I didn’t notice it all.

Delfin Spa products, as seen on Dr. Oz, are available at and the cream/shorts combo retails for $65 (currently on sale for $51.99).

**Press sample was given for review purposes, but all opinions expressed are mine alone!