My Feet are in Love with LAMO!

Ladies I’m in love, and nooooo, it’s not a man (so Derek Jeter, if you’re reading this…you still have a shot)!  Not too surprisingly though, it is with a new pair of shoes.  I’ve been spotted lately with my feet canoodling inside my new magenta hued mocs from LAMO Sheepskin.  The Moca style, complete with fringe and decorative nailheads, are constructed with super soft suede and a removable sheepskin insole.  As comfy as slippers but chic enough for weekend wear or even a casual dinner, I haven’t been able to take them off.  And when I’m forced to, I definitely scowl a little. 

The entire collection radiates with an L.A. chic style and offers not only traditional options but also styles that are a bit more edgy and still others that are just plain fun.  Take these sheepskin boots with a faux zipper and exposed sequins, the Unzipped style:


And of course…there are my new flames, the Moca magenta mocs, which are also available in yellow, black or chestnut:


Aaaaand for those of you who live in constant warm weather (i.e. the ladies I’m jealous of 6 months of the year) check out these Uptied must-have year-round sandals:


What kind of a LAMO girl are you?  Boots, mocs or sandals?  Traditional, edgy or fun?

**Press sample provided.  Opinion was not.  xoxo, Laura