One-on-One with RHOC Star Gretchen Rossi

Gretchen_Publicity_BW_WEBGet excited Real Housewives of Orange County lovers, Season 8 just started filming!  Meaning by the time it starts airing, you will have had plenty of time to digest and recover from the drama of season 4 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey!

One of our favorite OC cast-members is no-doubt the beautiful Gretchen Rossi.  I find it impossible for anyone not to carry a deep respect for Rossi, who quit a successful career in realty to care for her Leukemia stricken fiancé who eventually passed away.  While picking up those pieces was anything but easy, Rossi was determined to re-establish a career path for herself and pursue dreams which still occupied her heart.  She’s turned those dreams into reality, founding her Gretchen Christine brand, which includes both a makeup and handbag line.  And lets be honest, occasionally singing and dancing with the Pussycat Dolls in Vegas isn’t a bad thing to have on a resume either!

Below, Gretchen dishes on her fall beauty routine and what it’s really like to be a ‘Real Housewife.’  Keep up with the reality star and entrepreneur by following on Twitter or Facebook.

With fall in full swing, what makeup looks are you most excited to try this season? I am excited about two trends in particular; the brown smoky eye and the cobalt blue eyeliner look. Since I am blonde haired blue eyed these trends work really well with my coloring and bring out my blue eyes.

Does a change in the season typically mean an change in your beauty routines as well? I do like to stick to the classics when it comes to everyday make-up however I love to change it up and try things outside the box so that I am staying relevant and up to date with the trends. When you try something new you also find things you didn’t know could look so good on you.

What are your go-to accessories? I love big pieces of jewelry, my Gretchen Christine handbags of course, hats and coats (especially during fall).

What an exciting time for you with the launch of the Pink Collection from Gretchen Christine Cosmetics!  When can we expect the its debut? The line is available now on my website  I was asked to be a part of The Breast Cancer Charities of Gretchen Rossi 2America ad Campaign for their I-Go Pink initiative. I created this special travel pink collection so that I could give back to the community by donating some of the proceeds to this great cause!

What piqued your interest into your own beauty line? Do you have a favorite from Gretchen Christine Cosmetics? I came out of the womb loving beauty and fashion! So this fit perfectly with who I represent as a woman. I love to look and feel my best and believe that every woman should have access to great quality make-up at a price that doesn’t break the bank. As far as a favorite item it is almost impossible to find just one, because I truly take pride in all of my products.

What items would we never find Gretchen Rossi without? My Anti-Aging Foundation, my blush (normally in attract or stare) my lip plumper in Titillate and my curling lash mascara.

Switching gears to RHOC, when you are filming, are breaks given, or are the cameras and microphones rolling 24/7? We typically film for a period of time that we are aware of a head of time, so the microphones aren’t on us 24/7 however we do end up filming 5-6 days a week and some days can be 12-16 hour days depending on what is being filmed.

Gretchen Rossi 3One thing we’ve grown accustomed to in The Real Housewives franchise is drama!  How do you handle all of it? Is it more stressful when filming or months later watching the events play out? It’s kind of both, its draining during because of the grueling filming schedule all the while trying to run my own businesses, but it sometimes is even worse when watching the events play out later because the editing sometimes can make a situation a lot worse or the footage might only play bits and pieces of an event and not the entire thing. Of course they show only the most sensational parts of the event and it’s normally chopped together, so that can be very disappointing or hard to watch at times because you know there is a lot more to the story.

What one piece of advice would you offer other women in regards to pursuing their dreams? I always ask why not just go for it? What do you have to lose except for regret; when you are 85 and look back on your life and wonder….what if? I decided after my fiancé passed away I would never live a life of regret. I might not succeed at everything I set out to accomplish but at least I went for it and will never wonder what if.