The Beauty Trend you Must Start Sporting!

Victoria Bekham showQuestion.  What was all over the spring runways and is a trend you can begin sporting immediately?  Not clothes, dolls….it’s brows!  They’re back in a big yet natural way!  Hibba Kapil, owner and founder of Hibba Beauty Studio in NYC, says that well-groomed brows add a sophisticated finishing touch, “Think Audrey Hepburn – thick, manicured, and dark.”  Take a look at the model, left, at the Victoria Beckham Spring 2013 show.  “The brows are not only full, but they are shaped to accentuate and bring out your cheekbones.  The arches are placed to make your forehead look less broad, and groomed in a way to create a natural looking shape,” notes Hibba.  She also states that, “brows should be groomed to create a natural shape that best enhances your features, letting your beauty shine.”

Here are Hibba’s DIY tips for creating the look at home:

1. Take a pencil and draw the shape before getting started with the tweezer.
2. Try to keep them thick and as close to natural as possible.
3. Tweeze near a window or day light area.
4. Always hold skin tight with one hand from the arch point.
5. Only tweeze once a week and not everyday to avoid ingrowns.