Undeniably Cute Coats from Coast London

I’m not much of a coat person.  Mainly, because…well…I hate them.  I can’t ever get quite comfortable in my coats – they’re always bulky and uncomfortable especially on the days I have to really layer (you know those days, long sleeve tee, under a sweater with a scarf).  Not to mention, while I’m shivering inside of one, I’m only reminded of how much I truly hate the cold.

That being said, until I move to a warmer climate, coats are necessary in the winter months, and even though I complain, I am definitely thankful for their existence.  Even with my clear disdain for the impending cold weather, I can’t lie – I was a little smitten with these two coats I spotted at Coast London.  The Sophia Fur Blazer ($240) is a faux-fur vision of perfection.  Super cute with skinny jeans and boots, riii-ight?  And the watermelon red Lillie Swing Coat (currently on sale for $300) happily reminds of summer, even in the midst of winter.

Coast Coats