A Foolproof Gift from Chapstick®

ChapStick Cheerful Lip Kits (2)ChapStick® holds a dear place in my heart.  When I was really little, as in, before-school-little, my dad would take myself and brothers to what most would call a hole-in-the-wall restaurant, The Six Mile Cafe, and although I can’t be certain, these days probably coincided with times we were driving our mom nuts!  Centered on a curve, directly between two small towns, it was a place for locals to eat a cheap, good meal, and more than likely, run into friends or acquaintances, conversing until well after the meal itself was over.  The real treat was on the way out however…generally, my dad would buy us each a Candy Cane Chapstickcandy bar as he was paying….we would look through glass window that housed the candy, debating in our minds, and sometimes out loud, about which was better, before finally picking one out a favorite to enjoy on the drive home.  BUT, on the really good days, we would also get a new tube of ChapStick®!  I didn’t know the flavors, but I would typically select “black” or “red,” and felt like quite the little lady with my new ChapStick®!  I can even remember the displays they were sitting in on the left side of the counter.   Well beyond my reach, I would have to rely on my dad or brothers to hoist me up in order for me to make my selection.  Ahhh, memories….

ChapStick® has only gotten better with age, with the introduction of new flavors and tints, each protecting and moisturizing just as you would expect.  This Christmas season, they’ve even come out with the perfect stocking stuffers or gifts!  The Cheerful Lips Kit by ChapStick® is available exclusively at Target making the foolproof gift for just about anyone – teachers, co-workers, a neighbor, hostesses, etc.  After all, who could be disappointed with three Classic ChapStick® flavors all together in a cute little tin?  They’ve also just introduced limited edition flavors,including Apple Cider (my favorite), Chocolate Truffle and Candy Cane.  Gift-giving made easy courtesy of ChapStick®…aaaand, you should probably treat yourself too, I’m sure you deserve it!

**I am a lucky girl…these new flavors were introduced to me by ChapStick® but decision to post and opinions solely my own!