Good for you SkinFare Helps Eliminate Dry Itchy Skin!

Is it just me, or is dry itchy skin relentless in winter months?  Blech.  I hate it.  Thankfully, I was recently introduced to SkinFare…a body salve that completely hydrates and moisturizes almost instantaneously getting rid of winter-itch.  Made with completely organic ingredients such as coconut oil, palm fruit oil, beeswax and more, this non-sticky miracle balm quickly absorbs, leaving you with baby-soft skin and making itchiness a mere memory.

The balmy stick of super good-for-you-ingredients easily fits in a bag, pocket or desk drawer making it convenient to constantly have on hand and provides other benefits as well.  SkinFare (I tried the Topical Nourishment) is a no-brainer for chapped lips, but you can also dab a bit of it on your hands and run them through you hair to eliminate static without ruining your ‘do.

Available in 5 different semi-solid skin salve formulas for $9.99 each, SkinFare is available online and locally all across the US. 

SkinFare Topical Nourishment

**Press sample provided, but opinions my own!