Up-Cycled Accessories from Ney DeLa Cruz!

I love jewelry and accessories that are slightly off-the-cuff.  Just different enough to stand out in cool eye-catching manner, sans the strobe light effect that scares away even your closest of friends.  With that said, I was thrilled to be introduced to the Ney DeLa Cruz accessories line on Etsy.  From amazingly cool duck tape wallets to jewelry made with up-cycled vintage elements, Ney DeLa Cruz is unique in a just right way.  I adore her Arrowhead Necklaces, specifically the White Arrowhead Necklace below.  Emitting a modern-earthy vibe it’s perfect as an additional necklace to layer with sweaters now or a tank and cutoffs later.  A steal for $17! 

Ney Dela Cruz Arrowhead Necklace