Ronen Chen’s Summer 2013 Collection

This time of year it’s hard to not be excited about shopping!  We’re ready to put away our winter drabs and trade them in for spring brights.  If you’re ready to spruce up your spring wardrobe, be sure to check out the Spring/Summer 2013 Collection from Ronen Chen.  Finally available in the US at, if you’re not already, you’ll quickly become a fan of the designer!

Ronen Chen Metropolis

With monochromatic art-deco lines that are clean and simple, the Metropolis group of knits and dresses were inspired by city streets.  You’ll gravitate towards these versatile pieces for work meetings or nights out. 

Ronen Chen Savannah

Showing a nod to the African grasslands that bring together elements of both the forest and desert, the Savannah group for Summer 2013 offers an earthy color palette mixed with tribal patterns.  Two of my absolute favorites are the Summer Dress and Senegal Cardigan.  Laid back summer chic at it’s best!

Ronen Chen Ocean Blue

The Ocean Blue group for 2013 is described as a “sartorial manifestation of a watercolor painting.”  With patterns lending a water and sea-waves vibe, these casual light fabrics are perfect for all of your summer siestas.  The soft manipulation of the fabric on many of the pieces creates draping that will softly move with each step you take.

Ronen Chen Time Out

Sheer knits, viscose linen, cotton twill, light jersey and printed chiffon bring such a light, airy and fresh feel which epitomizes summer leisure in Ronen Chen’s Time Out group for Summer 2013.  Brunch at the Hamptons, or shopping an outdoor market in L.A., this collection will easily work its way into your warm-weather wardrobe.