Show your Shoes Some Love with these Items from Go-Girl Fashion Fixes!

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.”  Marilyn Monroe

So true, as I’ve yet to meet a woman not smitten with shoes.  If you’re searching for the perfect accessory to your favorite accessories, you’ll love this adorable Shoe Addict’s Shoe Kit from Go-Girl Fashion Fixes.  The kit includes three clear gel cushions (1” high), 2 clear gel straps (3½” long), 1 pair of Velcro wraparounds, 1 shoe shine wipe and 1 pair of No-Slip Sole Protectors. 

The other new item I’m loving at Go-Girl are these absolutely perfect shoe boxes.  I’m a bit of a shoe-freak, and I keep all of my shoes in their boxes, and organized as what my friends can only describe as “completely anal.”  Needless to say, my shoes last forever, and I’m only ever adding to my collection, versus pitching and donating (not that it’s a competition or anything!).  But, I do have those few pair of shoes that were on display when I bought them, that sadly came with no box, and I worry about them.  I go to all measures to avoid they get scuffed or otherwise beat up.  Exactly the reason I (and you) need the Shoe Addict’s Shoe Box (for Tennis Shoes, Pumps, Flats, Wedges or Stilettos).  Brilliant!

Shoe Addicts Shoe Box

These and the entire line of Go-Girl Fashion Fixes make the best gifts as well…especially for the hard to please, or ladies who already have everything!