The Key to Sensationally Soft Hands

Ohhhh, how I love spring and summer.  No matter how hot it gets or how humid it feels, you will never hear me complaining about the heat.  Ever.  With the warmer temps though, my hands take a beating.  With yard work… and heck yeah I said yard work…I mow my own small lawn, plant my own flowers and pull my own weeds, but I digress….what I’m trying to say is that my hands end up looking bad.  And we all know, bad hands just don’t go with the summer season!

After my recent introduction to two products from Zo Skin Health, Oraser® Microderm Hand Renewal and Oraser® Overnight Hand Recovery however, my unsightly hand worries have withered.  Ohhh to my gosh do they work! 

Zo Hand RenewalIf you want the unexpected, Microderm Hand Renewal will surprise you.  It’s not a “lotion” but an exfoliating scrub that leaves your hands instantly soft and hydtrated.  A small amount is all you need with just a bit of water to “scrub” between your palms and fingers.  Sugar crystals are the key to this exfoliating process and you can literally feel them slewing away your dead skin.  Pretty much, it’s the best 30 seconds of self pampering you can indulge in.  When finished, blot dry and viola!  Smooth, amazingly soft hands.  Besides sugar crystals, shea butter moisturizes and hydrates and Retinol keeps hands youthful.  Oraser® Microderm Hand Renewal, garnering awards from both Zo Health Recovery LotionMartha Stewart and Total Beauty, retails for $50.

The Overnight Hand Recovery is more traditional, as it comes in the “lotion” form you’re likely more used to.  However, it also contains a blend of retinol and antioxidants that when slathered into hands and cuticles at bedtime, keep them soft and youthful.  Also bringing home an award from Martha Stewart, Oraser® Overnight Hand Recovery retails for $65.

If you’re worried about what the outdoors can do to your hands this summer, or are trying to fix the damage that’s already occurred, no worries, Zo Skin Health will keep your hands luxuriously soft all season long!


**24-7 Style was not compensated for this post; samples were used for the review.