Say Goodbye to Ring-Around-The-Hair with Maddyloo Hair Ties!

Maddyloo Heart BoxHere in the Midwest, we’re once again buzzing with optimism as Mother Nature is promising a week filled with sunshine and warm temps.  As a woman with long hair, I already know what this means for my week’s hairstyles: primped properly and down in the morning; ponytail or braid by late afternoon or evening.  I love the warm air, but it’s frustrating because once I decide to don a pony or braid, I know that inevitably I’ll develop the dreaded “ring-around-the-hair” and my style for the remainder of the day or evening has been determined…unless I want to go through the process of a straightening or re-washing (which I never do).

Let’s face it though, ring-around-the-hair is so last-month.  This month, I’ve had a heart full of help with a Maddyloo Mini Heart Box, full of their game-changing hair ties.  Their cute elastics easily keep hair in place, without a dent or crease after removing.  Perfect for work or the hundreds of errands I run during the day, allowing me to take my hair down (literally) and re-style later on, dent free.

The heart boxes make perfect (and appreciated) gifts for this time of year: Bridesmaid’s gifts, graduations and of course birthdays or “just because.”

And if you’re like me, a start-with-my-hair-down, end-with-it-up kind of girl, these bands and headbands, that literally come in a slew of colors and combinations (solids, stripes, tie-dye, camo, animal print, and more) make for the perfect bit of wrist-candy, looking far better as a bracelet than your traditional elastics. 

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Maddyloo Three Pack Maddyloo Zig Zags
One of Maddyloo’s Tie Dye Pack Options.  $6.

Maddyloo Zig Zag options are right on point for the season. $6.

**Maddyloo has also appeared in Star Magazine, Glamour, Us Weekly, Seventeen and more!

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