The Perfect DIY Space-Saver for Spring Jackets!

If you live in a small place with limited space, you can identify with my storage problems.  I’m always looking for ways to find some extra room, or make space where none was available.  Which brings me to this easy, and relatively inexpensive DIY for my spring jackets.  It’s nothing earth shattering as these are, essentially the plastic 3M Hooks.  But, when I went to look for them, I was completely annoyed that the pretty “Decorative” ones were double the price!  Ree-dic.  Here was my solution:

1. I purchased a set of 8 3M Command Medium Hooks in White for around $12 (the “decorative” ones in the nice colors are around $24).
2. I already had a can of Krylon Fusion for Plastic Spray Paint.  Any spray paint will likely do, but if you use a regular one, you will likely need to sand your hooks before painting.  Kind of a pain!  One 12-ounce can is about $8 and you will be able to use for tons of other projects!
3. I laid all of my hooks inside a sweater-style box…the kind that pile up after Christmas.
4. From there, you guessed it, I sprayed each evenly and let set for an hour.
5. These attached pretty easily to my wood closet doors, but they should work on just about anything without damaging.

My total cost was $12, $20 if you need paint.  Or $24, if you just prefer to by the decorative hooks.  Regardless, I had so much more room in my closet after removing these jackets!

Painted 3M Hooks Jackets Hanging

Happy DIY Wednesday :),