This Summer, Skin is In! How to Wear a Crop Top With High Waist Bottoms

If one thing is certain in the Summer of 2013, it’s that skin is in, this time around being done with a classic twist.  Gone are the days of midriff tops barely covering your chest, paired with jeans cut as low as possible.  Instead of Samantha Jones, this trend is more of a lovechild between Carrie Bradshaw and Charlotte York.  Look for pieces that when combined, use just an inch or so of your own upper waistline skin, to create a chic colorblocked look.  Be careful with one-piece looks as the cutouts won’t always fall exactly where you want them to.  A cute cutout dress will look far different on me, 5’3” with a J.Lo booty, than it will on Gisele, her long legs propelling her into the clouds at 5’11”.  Separates allow you to manipulate the look a bit, assuring a proper fit.

Check out the below cropped top with high waist options.  Adorz!

These are outfits are a perfectly appropriate way to show a little skin this summer!

Look 1: A perfectly sweet feminine ensemble perfect for date night.

Look 2: Headed out with the girls?  This will do just fine!

Look 3: A sportier look that’s far from casual.