Tips to Plan a Girl’s Getaway this Summer!

I’ve been doing some reminiscing recently and definitely have an Empire State of Mind.  Several years ago I took a trip with some of my dearest friends to the Big Apple.  I often times get asked by others what they should do when traveling there.  Ummm…it’s NYC!!  Do anything you want!  The way we chose to travel would drive some people nuts, but we didn’t go with much of an itinerary.  We wanted to explore and see where the days took us.  We were led to some of the best times of our lives.  Here are some things I would most definitely recommend if you’re planning a trip to New York, or really, any city:

  • Head to the ballpark!  Me being a huge Yankees fan, we definitely hit up the Bronx to see the Pinstripes.  Ahhh…memories.  Even if you’re not a baseball fan, cute men in cute uniforms are never ever a bad thing!
  • Don’t have a plan! Don’t get me wrong, we had a general schedule.  The Yankees game for instance, dinner at Buddakan, but for the most part, we decided to tackle “areas” and see where the days and nights took us.  We did a Movie/TV tour.  We did some day-drinking at the Trump Tower.  We did some night drinking…well, lots of places.  The point being, the freedom we had without a minute-by-minute schedule made it that much more fun.
  • Take lots of pictures.  Duh, right?!?  Instead of “scrapbooking,” which I love but don’t have any time for, I bought an album that allowed space to write beside each picture.  Months later, we got together, each grabbed a different colored pen and we wrote exactly what we were thinking in those moments.  It’s priceless!!
  • Make sure whatever you decide to do, allows for some much needed catching up with your girlfriends.  Time flies…the relationships you cherish should never be taken for granted!  As we all know, one day we wake up and even though things may have changed for the better, we still can’t go back to “those times.”  Those wonderful times become a memory instead of a reality.  Just cherish them.  ♥♥♥
Novella in Little Italy
A casual lunch at Novella in Little Italy.  Some of greatest ladies I know during one of the greatest times of my life!