Hair’s Next Big Thing: The Cashmere Blowout

Beginning July 1st, 2013, George the Salon in CHicago is offering the first Cashmere Blowout!Hair’s next big thing is here, as George the Salon in Chicago gets ready to debut it’s new Cashmere Blowout Service ($50).  Enhanced with a formula containing heat activated cashmere proteins and a complex of four precious oils, hair is left with rich volume and texture, and tresses that are soft with the feather-light feel this lux fabric is known for.

The service begins with with the application of an ecological hairspray containing luxurious cashmere proteins plus a marine derivative rich in minerals.  Penetrating deep into the hair essential proteins and vitamins lend both strength and nourishment.  With hair still wet, a beautifying elixir (enriched with Maize, Argan, Camellia and Pracaxi) is applied from roots to tips and further replicates the softness and suppleness of cashmere.  It absorbs quickly into the strands, conditioning and smoothing away frizz for added shine.

If you don’t care to know the science behind all of it, all you need to know is when finished, your locks will be ca-razy amazing!

Available beginning July 1st, call George the Salon (312-923-9444) for an appointment.

Here’s to Being Beautiful!