How to Wear Neon this Summer!

I love summer mornings that start off just a little bit cool.  Not frigid I need a coat cold, more like, I need-this-great-neon-sweatshirt-cool (that’s really how weather should be read!).  I’ve heard many grumblings that the neon trend is “just for the kids,” and doesn’t look good on those of us who have entered adulthood.  I couldn’t disagree more.  Find a neon hue that looks good with your skin-tone and as always, a garment appropriate for your personal style, and viola…a total neon goddess.

On to my style photos….soooo….neon isn’t the easiest color to photograph.  Even though the color is off on some of the photos, I had to show off my bargain find over the weekend.  The sweatshirt was 30% off at Maurices, but their weekend sale had it 50% off of that price.  Whoo hoo!  I walked away with it for a mere $12.50!

Neon green sweatshirt with gold jewelry from 24-7 Style.

A casual sweatshirt for cool summer mornings.

Neon Sweatshirt and Black Hobo

Neon Sweatshirt, Gold Jewelry and Black Hobo

Stay casual this summer with neon and cutoffs.

Stay warm and cute on cool summer evenings with a neon sweatshirt.

How to wear neon this summer. Neon and denim is an easy way to wear the bright hue.

I know you’re wondering where you can score each of these great pieces and I have good news…most of them are still available.  Here’s the scoop:

  • Sweatshirt: Lightweight Burnwash Pullover in Sharp Green, $24.98 available at Maurices.
  • Calvin Klein Cutoff Shorts: Sorry…these are so old they have a high waist….not because they were trendy, but because that’s how jeans were made!  I believe these were actually my first pair of Calvin Klein’s.  I’m sure they were too long (like all jeans are on me) which is why I eventually made them into shorts.
  • Shoes: These are from Steve Madden from years ago.  While they’re now unavailable, you could opt for these Cherrr Wedges which could also be worn with just about anything this summer but they have a fun vintage vibe to them.
  • Hobo: Zambos & Siega Ruby Tote, $145, 24-7 Style.  I love a nice day bag and this has amazing detailing!
  • Necklace: Calico Juno Mod Glam Necklace, $45, 24-7 Style.  This is perfect for day or night.  Check out the earrings in similar design as well!
  • Ring: Janna Conner Designs Gold Plate Kolby Ring, $75, 24-7 Style.  The gold flecks in this are amazing and truly sets it apart from other pieces.

How are you wearing neon this summer?  Tag @247style in your Instagram #OOTD posts for a chance to win a $25 gift card to 24-7 Style!



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