The Makeup My Friends are Stealing!

Advanced Mineral

Samples provided for editorial purposes.  Opinions my own!

I have a love-hate relationship with foundation.  I love that it can make my skin look amazing.  I hate that it only looks that way for an hourish.  I love when I find a color that matches my skin tone.  I hate when it shows up all over my tees.  I love that excitement I feel when I find one promising the world.  I hate the letdown when I realize, like all the others, it doesn’t live up to it’s hype.  Ever feel that way when foundation shopping?  Well dolls, I have a feeling you’ll be as enamored as I am with the line from Advanced Mineral Makeup!

First, Advanced Mineral makes it easy to find your perfect shade.  It’s as simple as choosing one of four celebs that your skin tone most matches.  You should also know, the line was created for use in TV and films.  The stars of NCIS and Greys Anatomy have all worn it to look they’re lovely best.  The ultra-refined, 100% natural makeup is anti-bacterial and contains no talc, perfumes, parabens, dyes or preservatives, so for those of you with sensitive skin or who suffer from the torments of rosacea, this is a perfect option.  I had the opportunity to try four products from the line (the “Eva” shades) and am infatuated with all!  As are my friends….they’ve been “getting ready” for things at my house just to use this makeup.  It feels like we’re in college again!

Perfecting Concealer ($24): I don’t really use a lot of concealer (no need to hate, trust me, I have my fair share of skin problems), but when I did need a bit for my monthly breakout, I was cray-cray impressed!  I’m used to more “cakey” types and this doesn’t cake at all.  It instead, blended seamlessly. 

Pressed Powder Compacts ($38.50): This is maybe my new summer favorite!  It functions as a 4-in-1: foundation, concealer, powder and SPF.  But why I really love it?  It stays on all the live-long day, it’s transfer proof and water resistant.  So, the sticky humid days when your makeup gives the impression that your face is melting?  Well, they’re non-existent with this.  Trust me, I’ve challenged Mother Nature several times this summer and my Pressed Powder has won each contest!

Loose Powder Foundation ($35): Another 4-in1, but this provides a bit more coverage.  Perfect for a big date or other event when you need to be flawless.  Once again, it will last all day, and is both transfer proof and water resistant.  Love it!

Liquid Mineral Foundation ($44): Even though I fell in love with the powders, I’ve always been partial to liquids, and this did not disappoint.  It somehow sinks into skin, almost like you’re applying moisturizer, but with the coverage you want from a foundation.  Amaze!  It’s touted as being weightless (that’s probably the “sinking in” feeling I tried to describe) and once again, it’s transfer proof.  The Vegan makeup is packed with a list of healthy ingredients, including Antioxidants, Titanium-Dioxide (natural sunscreen), Vitamins A and E and also Rosemary.  Because of it’s anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties, it boosts the natural function by stimulating cell growth to rejuvenate skin.

Is it any wonder my friends are stealing it?!?   Also, because you do not need a lot to achieve perfect results, the products last forever! 

Happy Monday:)