Does the Air Curler™ Really Work? Read my Review!

Use the Air Curler to soft or tight curls in just a short amount of time!Is anyone else mesmerized by any (mostly all) of the “as seen on TV products?”  Truly, I hardly ever actually need any of those products, but after I see one commercial, I’m sold.  For instance, I don’t really need the FlexAble Hose…but I kinda really want it. And I have absolutely no desire (or need) to pull an 80,000 lb. tractor trailer, but for some reason, I still want a little bit of Mighty Putty.

However, those are non-necessities.  What about the items that actually are must-haves and could simplify our beauty regiments?  The Air Curler™ for example.  We’ve all wondered about those amazing 20-second curls that “supposedly” last all day, right?  Well read on as I received a product sample of the Air Curler™ and couldn’t have been happier with my results.

Setup was pretty easy…or could have been if I had read the instructions.  Me being one of those I’ll-figure-it-out people, didn’t think I’d actually have to read the setup instructions but after about 15 minutes gave in.  And less than a minute later, it was ready to go.  Tip: read the instructions!

Hair should be damp and roots dry (you can mist hair if it’s already dry) prior to using.  The Air Curler™ people recommend that for my type of hair, I not use any styling product, but having relied on product, well, for forever, that thought freaked me out a little and I did use just a bit of holding spray.  After I was finished, I wish I hadn’t, but more on that later.  Divide hair into approximately 6 sections and place one section into the Air Curler™ bowl.  Using medium heat with high wind turn the dryer on and let “spin” for 10-15 seconds, while vertically moving the vortex up and down; continue blowing for an additional 10-20 seconds on the cool setting.  Obviously, repeat that process on each section.


My beachy curls courtesy of the Air Curler™.

I’m not going to lie, when I was done, I did want to push the panic button, only because I’ve never seen my hair that curly!  After finger combing through however, my locks were magically transformed into perfect beachy waves that really did last all day and were more to my liking. Also, the curl was consistent around my entire head, which I appreciated because it’s hard for me to achieve that unless someone else is styling my hair.  I’ll likely be experimenting a little bit with the size of the sections I use just to see what kind of curl develops, but haven’t done so yet.  I will definitely be trying it without the aid of any product before curling as well…I think it will give a bit more shine to my ends. 

I also let one of my besties borrow it before a concert this weekend.  Her hair is shorter than mine, with layers starting around her chin and length around 2-3” below chin level.  She also loved her results and was smitten with the fact that even in the humid weather, her curls stayed all day.

I did have one section get fairly tangled…I think it was user error, because that was the only instance (on both myself and friend).  I’m sure based on everyone’s hair length, texture, etc., results will vary, but I was really pleased with mine. The Air Curler retails for $14.99.

Have you used the Air Curler™?  I would love to hear how it worked for you!

Stay pretty,


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**Sample received for review purposes, opinions my own.