18 Ways to Stylishly Save money

Trust me, I’m no financial expert, but I have figured out some ways to save money without sacrificing the fun of spending it.

  1. Free Classes! Over the past month, I’ve seen everything from Pole Dancing Fitness to Cooking Basics. While the classes are likely only to take place over one evening, grab a few friends and be social…for free!
  2. Don’t Spend Your Change. I know there’s something gratifying about using exact change, but I never spend mine and instead throw it a “change jar.” I’ve done all my Christmas shopping some years on just the change I’ve refused to spend.
  3. Learn to Cook. Eating out or frozen meals are great…on occasion. Cooking your own meals isn’t just less expensive however, your food will likely be healthier and taste better as well.
  4. Be Thrifty. I adore finding vintage finds on a dime. While you may have too look a little bit harder, the rewards are numerous. I once found an authentic vintage leather clutch for a mere $1.50. I carry it ALL the time!
  5. Play Hostess. Instead of going out, invite a few friends over for a casual evening in. Watch a movie, play a game, split a pizza, drink some wine. Whatever you do, it will likely be much less expensive then heading out…again.
  6. Treat Starbucks as a Treat, not a Necessity. It’s hard to not have an obsession with your afternoon caffeine run. Instead of making Starbucks a daily need, purchase a cute bling-ed up travel mug and brew your own.
  7. Purge and Sell. Unused furniture, decor, dishes, clothing, etc.? Start selling them on Craigslist, eBay or if you have room, have a yard sale.
  8. Take Care of your Clothing.Seems like this should go without saying, but I know that it doesn’t. Hang, fold dry-clean, etc. The better you take care of your clothes, the longer they will last. Ra-Duh.
  9. Take Care of your Shoes. It breaks my heart to have to remind anyone of this, but for realz. You gots to take care of your kicks! I have a small shoe collection because I am so anal in regards to my shoes. They’re kept neatly in their boxes clean and organized. Their shape is maintained, they’re scuff free, etc.; I purchase shoes out of desire, not because I don’t have any to wear.
  10. Enjoy a Matinee. Going early to a movie frees up your evening schedule, it’s less busy, and much cheaper!
  11. Go to the Library. Feel like reading? Libraries have once again become popular places to visit. The books you buy at Barnes & Noble will likely only collect dust when you’re finished anyway.
  12. Buy Generic. When it comes to food, medicine and cleaning supplies, check out the ingredient list between generic and name brand. It’s likely that the only thing different is the price tag.
  13. Make a List, Check it Twice. I know, I know…I am anal. But I started doing this a few years back not to save money, just to help keep me on track. When I go shopping, I literally make a list of the trends and styles I want. Even though I’ll occasionally pick up items not on the list, I’m still focused on the things that I really want, keeping my debit card in check.
  14. Kick a Bad Habit. Maybe it’s smoking. Maybe it’s nail biting that leads to otherwise unnecessary manicures. Maybe it’s the 3:00 p.m. daily caffeine run to help you get through your day (guilty!). For some reason, habits generally come with a price, so kicking it may just save you a few bucks.
  15. Be Content. I have friends that are literally only happy when they’re out “doing” something. Dinner, drinks, movies, games, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I L-O-V-E LOVE socializing, but I’ve learned that when I’m content to have chill nights, I’m not only much happier, I can save money I would have otherwise spent.
  16. Don’t be a “Mart” Snob. Wal-Mart, K-Mart, etc. actually have some cute apparel options (gasp, right?!?). Perfect example: last winter I ran into K-Mart for some laundry detergent and got sidetracked with a super cute ombre striped turtleneck. Of course, I bought it. I laughed every time I was complimented on it, which was literally, every time I wore it. The quality was great and it was well under $10!
  17. Don’t Forget your Savings. I don’t care if it’s $10 per paycheck…start saving it!
  18. Allow for the Occasional Splurge. I equate this to depriving yourself of the food you actually want to eat for something that although good, doesn’t satisfy you. You end up grazing the entire night and finally only stop when you go back to what you originally wanted but didn’t have. Now, I’m not recommending a trip to Barney’s for Christian Louboutin’s. But, a trip to Marshall’s for a pair of boots, that technically you could live without….well, I think that makes saving so much easier.

So what did I miss…what are your favorite ways to save?


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