Fall Trend Alert: How to Be Classy in Crop Tops

So what is everyone thinking about the new crop top trend? Love it or hate it, it’s back in a big way. However, for all of you haters out there, this time around, it is a bit more classy….well….it’s supposed to be. I’ve seen way too many OOTD posts on Instagram that have it all wrong…crazily, terribly wrong. Make me question your eyesight wrong. So what exactly are the differences between the cropped silhouettes you may remember in the late 90’s/early 2000’s and now?

Mainly, crops from a decade or so ago were high-rise and always paired with low-rise pants. Today, the silhouette shown is much more refined and crops look best when paired with high-waist pants and skirts. Keep it classy ladies…about an inch of your skin should be showing. ONE INCH! Not 5”! That’s so 2001! Unless you have a 6-pack you shouldn’t want to be exposing that much skin anyways. And yes, that is a knock to some of you showing off your muffin tops on IG! Surprisingly, when you follow the 1” rule, most figures can pull off a cropped look (as long as the garments fit properly – but I’ll save that rant for another day).

Crops are much easier to layer nowadays as well, as you can see from the second outfit posted below. You can easily participate in this trend without showing an ounce of skin.

Crop Top looks today are classy, not trashy. Keep that in mind when donning this trend.
Skin might be in, but not in the same way it was a decade or two ago. Keep it classy, allowing only approximately an inch of skin to show.


Layer your cropped looks with tees or camis to participate in the trend without showing any skin.
You can easily don a crop top without exposing your waistline. Layer a cropped sweater over a tank or tee for a super-chic look.

Look 1:

Look 2: