The 11 Beauty Products Every Girl Needs

As a blogger, I’m a lucky girl…I’m constantly introduced to new products, some of which I soon discover, I cannot live without. Even with my samples however, I still can’t resist the lure of the beauty aisles at my local Sephora and Target stores. Below (in no particular order), I’ve tried to narrow down my favorites…from drugstore deals to indy lines, these are the must-have products that I’m certain you’ll adore as much as I do.

  1. Skinfare Topical Nourishment is a perfect undereye treatment.Skinfare’s Topical Nourishment, $9.99: I hear this statement all the time, “you’re so young you don’t need undereye treatment.” False. I don’t need undereye treatment because I use Skinfare. You can literally use this for everything, from scrapes to dry skin. However, I smooth this balm on morning and night to keep the tender skin around my eyes wrinkle free. It seriously lasts forever! Skinfare uses only USDA organic ingredients and their products are made in Asheville, NC.
  2. Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray, $25: When I want beachy waves, this is what I use to get and keep them. The saltwater-base provides the perfect texture for tresses that look like they’ve just come from the ocean.
  3. Nick Chavez Amazon Hair Body Building Spray, $19: When I want extra body, I spray this on wet freshly washed hair. From the texture to the to fullness of styles, this is one of those products I tend to selfishly hide from friends!
  4. Smith’s Rosebud Salve, $6: Another product that seemingly does it all, I use this lips on my lips, hands and hair. While using it on lips is a no-brainer, when my hands are extra dry in the winter, I slather small amounts of this gem on. After my hands are properly hydrated, I run over the ends of my hair to immediately kill static.
  5. Wei East Lip Sensation, $12: This uses your own skin chemistry to create the perfect color, but I love the fact that it acts like a lip stain masquerading as lipstick. I apply and use my Rosebud Salve over it. My lips are perfectly pink all day long.
  6. Rimmel BB Cream, $6.47: I purchased this in lieu of the brand’s primer I am also a fan of. This do-it-all makeup allows you to go foundation free, or works as the perfect primer under foundation for those of you who prefer more coverage. The results for the price are incredible.
  7. nuNAAT Brazilian Keratin Intensive Hair Mask, $5.79: We use mask on our faces, why not our hair? This hair mask, full of natural ingredients will smooth, soften and provide shine like nothing else! Aaaand, that price?  Unbelievable!Whish Body Scrub is perfect to relieve dry itchy skin.
  8. Whish Body Three Whishes Body Scrub, $38: You know that awful itchy skin you get in dry winter months, or in summer months after spending too much time in the pool? Kiss it goodbye with this incredible scrub that exfoliates and hydrates with its organic ingredients. Plus, it’s made in the US.
  9. Zo Skin Health Offects Exfoliating Polish, $60: I use this once a week to rid my face of dead skin cells. The Magnesium Crystals are amazing and the Vitamins A, C and C Esters, and E leave me feeling like I just had a luxurious facial.
  10. Dr.’s Remedy Enriched Nail Polish, $17: These rich colors are literally, all I paint my nails with anymore. This vegan line utilizes a blend of natural ingredients for polish that is much better for your nails than what you’ve likely used in the past.
  11. Advanced Mineral Makeup, $35-$44: Once again, another natural line has won my heart. Their Loose Powder and Liquid Mineral foundations are both fabulous, blending into skin seamlessly. The Liquid Mineral literally sinks into the skin, almost like you’re applying moisturizer. Each are transfer proof and water resistant. It’s even been worn on the sets of Fox News, Grey’s Anatomy and NCIS!