DIY: Hair from David Tlale’s NYFW Spring 2014 Collection

NYFW Spring 2014 David Tlale

Junya Nakashima was the mastermind hairstylist for David Tlale’s Spring 2014 New York Fashion Week presentation. Creating sleek looks to coordinate with Tlale’s collection, hair took on an almost wet look which effortlessly melted into smooth, soft, pin-straight ends. For his Spring 2014 masterpieces, Tlale bought together the 50s and the 80s creating ornate evening dresses, structured blouses and tailored statement pieces. “The fusion of the decades was an exciting moment. Within the collection there are classic 50s elements along with punk 80s elements,” said Tlale.

David Thlale Spring 2014 Fashion PresentationThe hair served as a pivotal element to completing the aesthetic of Tlale’s collection. He stated, “We wanted to bring a New York feel into the look and decided to keep hair clean and chic. And because the garments are so involved, we wanted the hair to be simple, classic.” Junya added, “The hair needed to be simple yet chic to contrast and complement David’s designs. With Rene Furterer styling products I was able to create and execute the look that would last throughout the entire presentation.”

Here’s the step-by-step for creating these sleek looks:

  • First, I applied a liberal amount of René Furterer STRAIGHTENING GEL to dry hair and combed it through from roots to ends to help achieve the sleek look we were going for. Using a blow-dryer with a nozzle attachment, I then straightened hair in sections with a Mason Pearson brush.
  • After blow-drying, I wanted to make hair as straight and sleek as possible, so we tookDavid Tlale NYFW Spring 2014 Presention hair in small sections using a tail comb and ran a straightening iron through hair.
  • Next, I used ample palmfuls of the René Furterer VEGETAL MOUSSE to saturate the hair from the top of the head to a little past the crown. The product was concentrated in this section and hair was brushed from front to back around the ears with all hair placed behind shoulders.
  • I applied additional René Furterer VEGETAL MOUSSE to the top of head as needed to ensure there were no parts or separation in the hair. This helped to create a dual-texture, with a more slick-looking top half leading into soft, pin straight and sleek ends full of shine.
  • Hair prep for David Tlale NYFW Spring 2014 CollectionTo help keep the shape of the hair, I sprayed generous amounts of the René Furterer VEGETAL FINISHING SPRAY throughout hair while blow-drying hair down. On models that had flyaways, I used a small amount of René Furterer GLOSSING SPRAY to smooth any stray hairs.
  • To further set and maintain the shape of hair we wanted, I clipped tissues strategically onto the sides of the models’ hair and across the point where the two textures of hair met.
  • Finally, once the models’ makeup was in place and they were dressed for the presentation, we took out the tissues and clips and once again sprayed René Furterer VEGETAL FINISHING SPRAY throughout hair to hold everything in place and to keep hair as sleek as possible.

Happy Styling!


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*Photo Credits: John M. Craig for René Furterer