Hair DIY: Maria Bello’s Deconstructed Knotted Updo

Maria Bello in Salvatore Ferragamo Maria Bello Chic Top Knot
Maria Bello was radiant in red lipstick and donning Fall 2013 Salvatore Ferragamo. Her modern “Deconstructed Knotted Updo” was done by celeb stylist Jonathan Hanousek.

Maria Bello was gorgeous last week at the premiere of “Prisoners” at the Toronto Film Festival, in a navy turtleneck and navy satin skirt, each from Salvatore Ferragamo Fall 2013. Her hair though….swoon! So gorgeous! The look was created by celeb hairstylist Jonathan Hanousek who graciously shares his step-by-step procedure below. I’ve used the White Sands Infinity Hairspray he references below – so good!

Maria Bello Hairstyle Breakdown from Jonathan Hanousek

  • On damp hair, I layered a nickel size dab of Cabella Anti-Aging Organic Leave-In Conditioner focusing on the ends, working towards the scalps and a few pumps of White Sands Gluten-Free Undercover Styling Spray throughout the hair.
  • Flipping her hair upside down, I scrunched texture into the hair and let it air dry while she started her makeup. Maria has wavy hair, but if your hair is straight you can use a diffuser to scrunch-dry your hair while pushing or squeezing the hair into waves. The goal is more tousled than curly.
  • Once dry,  I sprayed several pumps of Moroccan Oil Glimmer Shine Spray throughout the hair, raking and shaking with my fingers to loosen everything up and create a piecey texture.
  • Section out the top of the head and clip out of the way. Starting in the nape, pull the hair into three small ponytails using small rubber bands. Make sure the nape is tight and that the ponytails are in a straight line.
  • Next take the top hair and loosely gather into the last ponytail. You want to keep height and texture on top.
  • Tie the first two pony’s together then criss-cross the ends under the bottom pony to hide the band. Fasten with bobby pins.
  • Divide the hair in the last two pony’s and tie into knots and pin. If the hair is longer double or triple tie and secure.
  • Clean everything up with your fingers and finish with a few sprays of White Sands Infinity Spray.

Thanks Jonathan…aaaand, anytime you’re bored and feel like practicing you’re ca-razy-cool styles? Hi, my name is Laura and for you, my calendar is wide open!

Happy Styling!


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