My Style: ShopBevel’s Turquoise Statement Necklace

In case you’ve not been up on your fashion game, when it comes to jewelry, statement pieces are BIG (figuratively and literally) in 2013. Aaand, in case you’ve not introduced your pretty little selves to ShopBevel, well dolls, your totes missing out. With an undeniably amazing collection of perfectly curated pieces, ShopBevel only stocks jewelry from independent jewelry designers who have not had the opportunity to share their baubles with a larger market. Each piece is submitted by designers and then voted on by the ShopBevel global community. Kind of like Project Runway for jewelry designers where each and everyone of us gets to vote for the winner!

I’ve always been an indie jewelry lover as I covet unique pieces that can’t be found on anyone and everyone I pass on the street. Check out this super-chic Turquoise Statement Necklace I layered over another necklace I’ve had for forever, to create a bib-like appearance. The winner of the Southwestern Challenge, this piece could easily stand alone with basic or printed tops, I just chose to give it a more notice-me flair by layering. The piece retails for $45.

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Turqoise is a great fall 2013 trend. Pair a turquoise necklace with white jeans and red accents.
Fall 2014 Trends Pair red and turquoise together for a chic look.
How to wear white after labor day! Turquoise Jewelry Options at Shopbevel

Visit ShopBevel today for this Turquoise Statement Necklace and a slew of other great pieces as well!

Other Pieces:

Happy shopping ladies!


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Many thanks to BrandBacker and ShopBevel for supplying necklace for style post!