Trends I wish Would Die. Like, Yesterday.

I’m all about trends, but sometimes there are those that I just wish would go away…forrr.ev.errrr. (that’s my best Squints from the Sandlot impersonation). Here is my current hit list of trends it might be wise to miss out on:

Bad Trends

1. Let me preface this by saying, I’m actually a cat person. I love cats. I have a cat - Lil’ Pete…he’s totes adorable. However, I wouldn’t want to wear a picture of him on my chest. This sweater is cute though (still wouldn’t wear it) - Alice+Olivia at Nordstrom.

2. I see all these L-O-V-E pics on Instagram and as engagement/wedding portraits. At first I thought it was the cutest thing ever. Now, I’m craving originality. Overdone.

3. Ok, so, actually I adore nailart. But you ladies are making me look bad! I hardly have time to dry my hands after washing them…let alone paint them. Let alone paint them with all sorts of adorably cute colors and designs. The above pic is from The Sparkle Queen…her posts and DIY’s are amazing so be sure to check her out!

4. Someday, when I can afford it, I intend to have closet full of Kooba bags and Christian Louboutin shoes. But, women (especially girls) are becoming increasingly obsessed with labels. Chill ladies. Your worth has nothing to do with the value of your accessories. Givenchy Lucrezia Tote ($2,500) at Barneys.

5. Ummm…who decided these shoes were cute? These happen to be jellies, which I don’t have a problem with, but this silhouette is too many places. Their ugliness literally makes me quiver. Juju Babe Heeled Sandals at Asos.

6. Ahhh, I’m so infatuated with OOTD posts on Instagram…but what is with all of the toilets?!? Don’t you look at a picture of yourself with a toilet in the background and think to yourself, “I can do better?!?”

Here’s to wishful thinking….


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