Yoga Tips for Beginners with Caroline Klebl

I don’t know about where you live, but here in the Midwest…IT’S COLD!!! With several inches of snow on the ground and temperatures in the teens, many of us aren’t getting out as much as much as we were just a few short months ago and are looking for ways to keep toned and lean during the cold winter months. The answer? Yoga! If you’re new to Yoga and have some reservations before trying it out for yourself, read the below tips from International Yoga Expert, Caroline Klebl.

What types of classes do you recommend for ladies who may be new to Yoga, but physically want to be challenged and are unsure of a "beginners" class?  A beginner to Yoga can try any type of Yoga class. Most classes are attended on a drop in basis and there are usually a few beginners in each class. Like any new form of exercise, it takes the body a few times to get accustomed to the new use of muscles. Beginners are sometimes sore after the first class or two, but the muscles quickly adapt to the new movements and Yoga practice becomes very enjoyable, since it heals the body.

Many women seem to be intimidated by the practice of Yoga and have the notion that they must first lose weight before they can actually participate. Is that true? Yoga practice can help anyone lose weight. It corrects the metabolism and helps with giving up addictions. The practice of Yoga postures detoxifies the body and strengthens the organs. Many of the people who attend my month long Yoga teacher training programs lose 5-10 pounds in one month.

Are there any particular videos you recommend, especially for women who live in rural or small towns and may not have access to a studio? I have a video, which is available on Yoga, Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga by Caroline Klebl

What are your recommended poses for coping with stress? The mind is closely connected with the breath. Any asana can help reduce stress. Bringing awareness to the breath in the Yoga posture, helps to eliminate the thoughts and attain to a meditative state. When practicing Yoga postures, one should breathe through the nose and the breath should be deep and slow. The length of the inhale should equal the length of the exhale.

Stay fit dolls!


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