Hair Help: Too Many Tangles when Wearing Scarves

Midwest Crochet Infinity ScarfLong time no blogging! I’ve had such a busy and wonderful Christmas week traveling and visiting family and hope each of you did the same.

While many of my days were spent in lounge clothes relaxing, I did have a few days that required my normal wardrobe, meaning, I actually had to put myself together a bit. Winter in northern Indiana means pretty frigid temperatures so I rarely step out without an infinity scarf to provide just one more layer of warmth. While I do love my scarves, I’ve noticed that anytime I wear one, the hair towards the nape of my neck becomes a matted, twisted, knotted mess. Wondering if it was just me, since I’ve never really heard anyone complain about it, I did a quick internet search for help on tangled hair when wearing scarves. I didn’t really find anything other than, “use extra conditioner in that area.” Hmm. That seemed like a little too simple of a solution, but since I found nothing else, and thinking the extra conditioner couldn’t hurt, I did my own little experiment. Unlike expensive government ones, mine only lasted two days and cost me nothing, and each of those days I donned the same scarf, a favorite from Midwest Crochet, just like the one shown above.

Day 1: when conditioning, instead of distributing a handful throughout my long tresses, I broke it up. The first handful went to the crown, scalp area and upper half. The second handful went to the remainder, with special attention being paid to the “trouble area” near the nape. After combing through, I used a leave-in conditioner from Infusium23, thoroughly combed it through, then added a few more insurance-squirts to the hair at the nape. I used my regular styling products and on this particular day, let my hair air dry, threw on my scarf and went about my day. I also reminded myself to frequently finger-comb through the area. Much to my amazement, that day, I had few if any knots when wearing my scarf.

Day 2: feeling cocky, like I’d just cracked the code to one of the biggest mysteries ever, I did the same thing, however, I used a round brush and gave myself a DIY blowout. Thinking the result would be the same if not better since my strands were much smoother, I wrapped my scarf around my neck and went on to spend the day with my family. Less than an hour into the experiment I attempted to finger comb the area around the nape and got stuck. Like, hardcore stuck. Hmmm…I’m not Einstein, but considering I did everything else the same,  it seems the smoother the hair the worse the results.

I can’t be the only person to have this problem. Besides wearing hair up in a ponytail or braid, who else has solutions?


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