Adorable Custom Necklaces with Origami Owl!


It amazes me that fabulous companies can sneak by without me ever knowing they exist. I suppose that’s what friends are for though right? To make sure we’re all aware of the things that need our obvious attention. This is definitely the case with Origami Owl. My fabulous sister-in-law just started selling it, and I didn’t even know it existed. For those of you who are also in the dark about the custom necklace line, here’s how it works:

  1. Select Charms – these coyly slide into the lockets. Choose from stones, Greek letters for sororities, hobbies or interests, initials, vintage charms, etc.
  2. Select the Locket – in a variety of sizes and finishes, some plain metal, others with crystal bling, these serve as the home to your adorable charms.
  3. Pick your Perfect Chain – from links to toggles, multi-layers to ball chains, there are a variety of styles just-right for your personal preference.
  4. Add a Plate – these adorable plates are once again available in a variety of styles, finishes and inscriptions. Show off your faith, opt for a heart plate declaring your love, or even get fancy with a window plate. So many cute options!
  5. Find Dangles – Once again, so much cuteness! Heart keys, angel wings, crosses and so much more. Each perfectly completing any look.

Prices will of course vary based on the number of charms, plates and dangles, and chains and lockets vary in price as well. However, for an easy custom necklace, their options are incredible. Check out the website where you can instantly design and order your own Origami Owl custom necklace!


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